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Diary of a move: Unpacking first-world problems

Published Sunday March 12

If you lived here, you’d be home already.

The plan: Move from a small 1930s rental cottage in Alameda to a slightly larger 1920s rental bungalow in Richmond.

I go coo-coo bananas and start packing far too early. We’re living in a towering town of boxes for about a month. Where’s the bedroom lamp? Take the 3rd left on Box Street at Box Avenue and try the Box Shop next to Box City Hall. What did you do with the blankets? Try the Box Motel. Where are my shoes? Shoe box, duh. Where’s the cat? We don’t have a cat.

(Note: No one will ever ask about Demeter. Zombies will have eaten brains anyway. Get rid of books.)

(Note: Next time, move to a hardware store.)

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