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For the Record

Published Monday March 13

From Saigon to Santa Clara

Love Canal. The Exxon Valdez. Deepwater Horizon. Volkswagen. Blockbuster cases, yes. But they’re only part of the story for John C. Cruden J.D. ’74, a civil servant for decades and defender of the environment.

On Thu Dec 15 2016, Assistant Attorney General

John C. Cruden J.D. ’74 joined Va. Governor Terry McAuliffe in Richmond, Va. to announce terms of a proposed settlement with DuPont. Under the deal, DuPont agreed to pay $50 mill. to decide claims stemming from the release of mercury by a DuPont rayon plant in the 1930s and ’40s, which polluted more than one hundred miles of river and floodplain in the South Fork Shenandoah River watershed.

His faith in that system is about to be tested.

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